From controlled inspections to construction monitoring to concrete testing and analysis, Kline Engineering can handle all aspects of your engineering job. Employing the most experienced professionals and the latest construction, testing, inspection and monitoring technologies, we ensure that every service is performed accurately, meets budget requirements and is completed in a timely manner.

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Inspection and Testing Services 


Percolation Testing, Drywell &  Septic
Fill Placement
Field Density Testing
Monitoring Wells
Soils-Site preparation
Rock Analysis
Soil Load Bearing Analysis

Sieve Analysis
Laboratory Proctors
(1) Point Field Proctors
Test Borings / Test Pits
Geotechnical Reports
Piezometer Installation &  Monitoring


Concrete Design Mixes
Plant Inspection
Field Inspection
Steel Reinforcement Inspection
Concrete – Precast
Concrete – Prestressed

Windsor Probes
Core Drilling
Compression Testing
Underpinning Inspection
Petrographic Analysis

Structural Steel

Shop Welding Inspection
Field Welding Inspection
Erection & Bolting Inspection
Metal Decking Inspection
Aluminum Welding
Shear Stud Welding

Structural Cold-Formed Steel
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
High Pressure Steam Pipe  Welding
Fuel-Gas Piping Welding


Mortar / Grout Testing
Masonry Units / Block Testing
Prism Testing

Placement Inspection
Windsor Penetrometer
Absorption Testing

Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials

Field Inspections
Density Testing
Adhesion / Cohesion Testing

Firestop, Draftstop and Fireblock Systems

Field Inspections

Progress Inspection Items

Footing and Foundation
Lowest Floor Elevations
Frame Inspections

Energy Code Compliance Inspections
Fire-Resistance Rated  Construction
Public Assembly Emergency  Lighting
Final Inspection / Directive 14

Additional Inspection Services

Other Inspections Items

Pile Driving & Drilled Pier Inspections
Pier Foundations
Excavation-Sheeting, Shoring &  Bracing
Structural Safety-Structural  Stability
Smoke Control Systems
Fire Alarm Test
Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Demolition
Sprinkler Systems
Standpipe Systems
Heating System

Fuel Burning Storage
Fire Place Inspection
Smoke Tests
Laminated Wood / I Beam  Inspection
Wall Panels, Curtain Walls &  Veneers
Photoluminescent Exit Path  Markings
Emergency Power Systems  (Generators)
Site Storm Drainage Disposal
Detention System Installation
Septic System Installation

Additional Services

Pre / Post Construction Surveys
Vibration Monitoring
Crack Monitor Installations /  Readings

Load Testing
Steel Reinforcement Location /  Pacometer
Paint Thickness Testing